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Certain crops gaining no MCMMO experience.


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As I said in the title, certain crops won't give any McMMO experience when harvested (when fully grown, of course).

I've noticed this bug with wheat, carrots and potatoes, and I haven't tested all possible crops, but I've made two lists of crops, the ones that do yield experience as expected, and the ones that don't:

Properly working:

  • Flowers (even grown by bonemeal)
  • Tall grass (same as above)
  • Mushrooms (both naturally generated and spreaded ones)
  • Beetroot (player planted and harvested while fully grown)
  • Sugar canes
  • Cactus


  • Wheat
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots

Images (may not be correctly arranged thanks to Imgur): http://imgur.com/a/8vPvk

The only thing causing this that I can think of is config modification, which I highly discourage ( @brunyman , ahem..)

Make sure that experience.yml is exactly as in the source files:

        Allium: 300
        Azure_Bluet: 150
        Beetroot_Block: 50
        Blue_Orchid: 150
        Brown_Mushroom: 150
        Cactus: 30
        Carrot: 50
        Chorus_Flower: 25
        Chorus_Plant: 1
        Cocoa: 30
        Crops: 50
        Dead_Bush: 30
        Lilac: 50
        Melon_Block: 20
        Nether_Warts: 50
        Orange_Tulip: 150
        Oxeye_Daisy: 150
        Peony: 50
        Pink_Tulip: 150
        Poppy: 100
        Potato: 50
        Pumpkin: 20
        Red_Mushroom: 150
        Red_Tulip: 150
        Rose_Bush: 50
        Small_Fern: 10
        Small_Grass: 10
        Sugar_Cane_Block: 30
        Sunflower: 50
        Tall_Grass: 50
        Tall_Fern: 50
        Vine: 10
        Water_Lily: 100
        White_Tulip: 150
        Yellow_Flower: 100
        Beetroot_Block_Ungrown: 0
        Carrot_Ungrown: 0
        Potato_Ungrown: 0
        Crops_Ungrown: 0
        Nether_Warts_Ungrown: 0
	Cocoa_Ungrown: 0

EDIT: Bugged plants don't get affected by the double drop feature of mcmmo, harvested 80+ wheat without getting two pieces from a single crop (and I'm level 70), yet I consistently get double drops from beetroots, which may mean that some crops are disabled in the config. The easiest and fastest way of fixing every current issue, encountered or not, is by backing up the mcmmo.users file (to ensure players' skills are not lost) and reinstalling McMMO (to ensure every issue is fixed).

And brunyman, please, don't mess with configs, thank you.

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The problem with some of the crops (like sugar cane, cactus, shrooms etc..) is that you can pick them up > place them again > pick them up > place them , which would give a player infinite amount of 'Skill points'. So I can understand some of them are disabled for the same reason.

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Apologies for the bump, but I'm willing to inform you that McMMO version 1.5.08 fixes this issue (server is running 1.5.07-SNAPSHOT).

And Terminator, what have you stated is not true and such an issue has never been present during the development of MCMMO. It isn't a poor quality plugin, why do you think they charge 10 Euros for it?


If you're on the latest dev and have reset the experience.yml then they will give XP fine - as the comments on the previously linked github report do state from what people have tested, you cannot bonemeal the crops they will not give XP if you do, and any you had placed before you updated/reset the experience.yml may also not give XP and need to be replanted.

Which means that experience.yml also has to be reset.

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