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I have been griefed while quarrying under my town


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I have been griefed while quarrying under my town. I am clearing out space for the base, and had to turn modify on for a quarry to work. Now my whole Botania setup with full pools and everything has been griefed.
May I please have chunks with the following coordinates restored;

-1942, 764
-1946, 771

It was full pools, elven portal, terrasteel facilities, sparks and automation.
That "someone" also stole 121 (11x11) enderlilies in my underground farm.
They left some torches in the same area (it's usually all dark), if that can help track the person who did this.

Please, I'm crippled in the work I was supposed to do...


PS. I play on the Infinity Evolved server. I've turned enter and modify off and stopped all quarrying for now

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Moved to Technical Support. 

Hello PeeWee71, sorry you have been griefed if you could edit your original and follow this template below for a Town Rollback, and filling out all the required information that would be of great help. 

Town Rollbacks are done on Maintenance days which are Mondays/Fridays by Brunyman so please have patience till then. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask here or on the servers Discord. 

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