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[Command Request] whiteflash1


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Account Name: whiteflash1

Rank: Sponsor+

Requested Commands:

Remove all access to spawn in items so i can participate in the economy while keeping donation rank.

If removal is not needed, please put that in a reply so i have proof for it.


Reason for Request:
Want to participate in economy of the server.

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Just thought I should let you know in case you are unaware, As you will be losing access to creative items and becoming a ''Legit Player'', Your town will still be considered a creative town and therefore you would need to restart from scratch to be able to once again take part in selling/trading items. Sorry for any inconvenience caused as I also had this happen to me and I know it is frustrating, But due to there being ways to bypass creative tags ect none of your items can be verified and are regarded as creative. This includes anyone in the town also they will also have to restart. I also think when you leave the town as there is no longer any creative players in the town it will be regenerated.


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