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Quagma is a bitch


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Quagma is banning and muting people without proof. I got banned for 7 days because of mute bypass when I didn't even know you could do it. I was just testing it and he banned me. Hes been a total bitch. Everyone hates him. Please do something!

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You are going to have to refrain from name calling. Insulting staff is not going to get you unbanned. You were punished for your second bypass offense. You knew you could do it, since it's what got you banned the first time. Here is my evidence that you bypassed, and that it's not your first time either. http://www.craftersland.net/ftbbans/history.php?uuid=0ae3e79b-9677-4f1e-a9b7-2d3692030660


Congrats on not even following the unban template that is required for all unban request. If you want to complain about me, go ahead, and use the complaints template while you are at it. The only people that hate me are the ones getting caught and punished by me. Let's not forget the names you called me, like "quagdick" or even the one in the title of this very topic. WoYAqSW.png

Unban denied, player proven guilty, topic closed.

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