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[Refund Request] Edude42


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Account Name: Edude42

Item name + Item ID:

  • Watering can (Reinforced) - ExtraUtilities:watering_can:3
  • 64 Awakened Draconium - DraconicEvolution:draconicIngot
  • 32 Transfer Node - ExtraUtilities:extractor_base
  • 32 Transfer Node (Liquids) - ExtraUtilities:extractor_base:6
  • 7 Stacks of Redstone Energy Fluxducts - ThermalDynamics:ThermalDynamics_0:2
  • 2 Stacks of Cryo-Stabilized Fluxducts -     
  • Draconic Helm - DraconicEvolution:draconicHelm
  • Draconic Chestplate - DraconicEvolution:draconicChest
  • Draconic Leggings - DraconicEvolution:draconicLeggs
  • Draconic Boots -     
  • 3 Stacks of Extra Utilities' Speed upgrade - ExtraUtilities:nodeUpgrade
  • 6 Capacitor Banks (Not the basic, the next level up.) - EnderIO:blockCapBank:2 

Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened] 10:53 PM EST (GMT-5) 27th of July.

Description of Issue: My items were stolen or griefed from an enderchest.

Evidence: I don't have any screenshots of me having them before, but my enderchest is now empty.

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