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[DW 1.7] Refund Request

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Account Name: Blaiwitch09

Server: ( dw1.7 

Item name + item ID

4 Minature yellow hearts 5505:3

2 Rainbow oak Sapling 1342:9

5 REd heart Canisters 5505:2

Bound Armor set 4700-4703

Uncrafting table 1339

TEsseract 1698

Angel Wings 5225:2

2 Lich Trophies 5301:2

2 NAga trophies 5301:1

4 Zombie SPawners 52:54

1 Skeleleton Spawner 52:51

Bound Blade With Sharp 5 And looting 2 4677

Secpter Of Life Draining 5275

30 SMileballs 341

11:55PM EDT 7/25/17  

Description of Issue:I was fighting the lich then i die. I do /back and all of my items dissappear when i brake my Grave. I was told to put in a refund request BEcause my inventory rollbacks could not be fulfilled correctly at the right time

Evidence (optional, but highly recommended): N/A

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