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[Dw 1.10] Lag spikes, too many mobs, cant change permission


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The lag get really bad on DW 1.10 version, so bad it even causes the server reset to be delayed.  It seems to happen for no reason.

Sometimes when I'm doing something with an item it falls out of my inventory (especially backpacks) but what's worse is that it's also invisible on the floor when doing it.  This is a danger to lose items.

There's like 400x as many mobs around than the other servers, constantly spawning too.  This is nice but I'm wondering if it triggers some lag.

I can't change the permission in my town to block the mobs from entering.  It seems like it should be possible but nothing I try works.

Even so, the wither can hurt me and destroy blocks so even though every other mob can't I need a command to make me safe.

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the mobs are how do i say, randomly come and goes, one time they don't spawn at all,

the other time, normal night mob spawning is spawning more mob than my enclosed cursed earth setup

ended up making trap for natural mobs as mobfarm. and there's no way to "vanish" non daylight damaged mobs like blitz (unlike towny)

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