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[Refund Request] Akademee Hiatus


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Hi everyone!

Refund Request:

IGN: Akademee

12 Rock Crusher Blocks 1316:15

12 Steam Turbine Housing 1316:1

1 Turbine Rotor 5485

1 Rolling Machine 1315:8

1 Emerald 388

4 Enderium Ingots 5142:76


Some time between 7/7/2017 and Today, 7/30/2017

What Happened:

The above items were removed from my base when I was gone for a hiatus as I was moving.  I was gone for almost a month and I understand why the items were removed, to ensure that server resources were not being wasted on a 'dead' base.  I am back now and I would like to start playing again.  Unfortunately, my base has no power now since my turbine was removed and I do not have the steel to quickly get my base back up and running.  Again, I understand why the items were removed, but is there any information anywhere on the forums that says how long a player needs to be gone before parts of the base get removed?

Thanks everyone!


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