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  1. Akademee

    Nick prefix change

    That would be a large improvement
  2. Awww yeah! Does this new server cost more to use than the old one? Good on ya for fixing this, it was getting pretty bad, sounds like someone was using the server to make coffee.
  3. Akademee

    Wipe Soon?

    I don't quite understand the rationale for a wipe just because some players got to the end game and are now bored...
  4. Akademee

    [Expert Mode Question] The Magnum Torch and Transfer Nodes

    I craft transfer nodes all the time, they are certainly not banned. Are you making your magnum torch inside a QED?
  5. Your Name: AkademeeTown Name: GreenFortCoordinates: -2771, 3870Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): November 6, 12:45 US ESTDescription of Issue: The server reset today a little after 1:00 pm. I was at spawn at the time. I /t spawned back to my base only to find that all of my ME systems were completely broken. I have lost access to all ME devices, I can't even right-click into ME drive blocks. I appear to have lost everything in my ME system, but I can't even access the drive block to confirm. All of the cables have reverted back to individual blocks and are not connecting with each other. I was able to dismantle much of the system and put it back together, but if this is going to be come a regular thing, I won't be able to play on here. I was able to get everything back. I still have broken ME objects at my base and I would appreciate it if someone could come out and tell me what happened. I will keep the broken stuff there for a while so that someone can come and look at it if they would like. Sorry for the picture size, I can only upload a 220 kB pic apparently ? Thanks! Screenshots (Optional):
  6. If I could report another one of these dirt-ified areas, there is one near my base at (x,z) -2978, 3878. It isn't a huge area and I tried restoring it a little bit, but if I could get a complete regen on it at some point, that would be awesome. Thanks!
  7. Akademee

    [Refund Request] Akademee

    Your Name: AkademeeItem Name + Amount: Ender Quarry BlockCoordinates: -2706, 3808, 253Description of Issue: Hi everyone, I had been off for a few days and I came back to see that my Ender Quarry is missing. The Quarry was inside my claim and wasn't able to be griefed, so I assume that maybe the server got mad at my quarry and deleted it? It had been running smoothly for days with no issues. I did not have the world hole thing on or anything like that and I was quarrying outside my claim in the overworld. I couldn't find any rules saying you couldn't do that, but if it is a problem, I will move it in the future. It took a lot of work for me to get that machine and I would really like it back. Thanks everyone!Screenshots (Optional): Missing Ender quarry block inside my claim at the GreenFort
  8. Akademee

    Refund Request Akademee

    Your Name: AkademeeItem Name + Amount: 64 slime balls $50, 64 redstone blocks $250Coordinates: Spawn marketDescription of Issue: It would appear that for some reason I cannot purchase anything in the spawn market. I double click on the item, it takes my money, says "You have new Market Mail!" and nothing happens. I have checked all market mail booths as well as /market mail and nothing. I also seemed to have lost some items that I had put up for sale with no one purchasing them. So far, I have paid for but not received a stack of slimeballs and a stack of redstone blocks. The seller of the redstone blocks comped me my items directly, so I am only down slimeballs. If someone could look into why I can't receive anything from the market I would really appreciate it!Screenshots (Optional): Problem fixed, I had my market mail window set to listings only, I wasn't aware that setting carried over in to accessing it at different time. You can close this topic!
  9. Akademee

    Autocrafting Bugs

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that the bugged cyclic assembler problem still persists on this iteration of the server. To answer the above quest, cyclic assemblers just straight up do nothing at completely random intervals. Even when properly powered, fed and configured. I've had to resort to Liquicrafters and the timer they need produces a lot of lag is is probably taxing the server. The problem is both very simple and difficult to replicate and I cannot establish any sort of reliable conditions when the issue happens or when the assemblers decide to work for a few minutes. Thanks!
  10. Akademee

    Rank Perk Application

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if I could have the Premium membership perks applied to me, Akademee, and my town GreenFort on this iteration of the server. I just came back to the server a few days ago and I see that the wipe happened about 2 months ago. Thanks so much!
  11. Akademee

    Ender Quarry Permissions?

    Thanks! I will try to do this. Do I need to set all of the chunks that the quarry will be mining to modify on, or just the chunk the EQ is in? Also, thats a really good idea with setting the perimeter to no entry, is there a way I can do that for my whole town? I have a lot of chunks I figured that permissions was the case, I am just very puzzled as to why the BuildCraft Quarry needs no such permissions as I have been using that to dig out my base (painfully slowly) for weeks now. Thanks!
  12. Akademee

    Ender Quarry Permissions?

    Hi everyone, I had some questions regarding the Ender Quarry as I haven't been able to get one set up in a manner that the server likes, apparently. I am trying to dig out a portion for my base in the over world. The land that I want to remove with the ender quarry (with world hole upgrade) is claimed by me. Whenever I place down the ender-markers I am allowed to place down the EQ at one of the markers. When I right click to establish the boundary, I get the "Successfully established fence boundary, ender markers detected" (slightly paraphrasing, but it is a positive message). Immediately after getting that message the EQ pops off into an item and I have to start over. I assume that this is a permissions thing due to the land being claimed. Is there a way to allow the Ender Quarry to mine out claimed land. I was previously using a regular BC Quarry and it was working fine within the claim and I had to do nothing. It was buggy as all hell, but it did work. I am replacing the BCQ with the EQ. Also speaking of the EQ, is there a size limit that the server has imposed upon them? I have had problems with the EQ popping off into an item even in the unclaimed mining dimensions. I assumed that it was because I was making the EQ too big, but now I am not sure. I was able to get it to work properly by staying below 32x32 chunks. Any help with the issue above would be helpful! Thanks! Akademee
  13. Akademee

    Outer Lands/Eldritch Dimension weekly reset

    Awesome thanks! So is it the first Friday of the month? It would be great if there could be an announcement on the server when a date is decided.
  14. Akademee

    Outer Lands/Eldritch Dimension weekly reset

    Hi all, If all dimensions are reset monthly, does that include the mining portal dimension? If so, when does that take place so that I don't lose my ender quarry?
  15. Akademee

    Autocrafting Bugs

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to report upon an issue I have been having with autocrafting. My base runs off of Beef Wellington and that requires an ability to do a lot of autocrafting. There seems to be a strange problem with both cyclic and molecular assemblers just stopping for no reason. The system is powered and the recipes are fine, but the issue persists. It seems as though the server is shutting them down after they make a few stacks of items. I tried changing over to molecular assemblers from cyclic assemblers and the molecular assemblers are even worse! The molecular assemblers and my entire ME system loses the ability to interact with other blocks (import and export buses). This only gets fixed upon a server restart. I have had to resort to huge banks of wooden autocrafters and liquicrafters to keep the lights on which I am sure lag the server more I had a system set up a few months ago and it was working perfectly, I returned to the server a few weeks ago and it doesn't work anymore. Also, this same issue is affecting other machines like the alloy smelter according to Zax. I don't know what you all have done in the last few months, but it has really helped the server a lot. I had originally left months ago due to lag, but you all have done a really good job at fixing it. I can certainly understand if cyclic assemblers cause lag due to their speed, can we slow it down at all rather than bug them out? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! Akademee

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