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  1. I don't know. The center of the explosion was literally right on the border of spawn so the closest you can get to it, and I'm not sure anyone even has a chaos generator yet, let alone one that they could afford to blow up. So it was either spawned in by someone who had creative, like a sponsor, or more likely, someone who hacked items in. Good to know that there are explosions so big that the plug-in literally can't stop them. That's like World Level Magic stuff right there XD.
  2. Hi everyone! It looks like some one set off a draconic reactor right at the west edge of spawn and created a crater 300 blocks wide. Everything in front of spawn has been wiped out and I was wondering if there were any plans to regenerate that area on one of the maintenance days coming up that @brunyman does for us. I hope we decide to do that because it makes our server look like a free for all grief/pvp server. I did not know that explosions affected blocks on this server, I thought that was disabled. Thanks guys!
  3. Hi everyone! I am having issues with placing down an RFTools Builder Block to replicate some base elements that I had built. I would like to know if there is something I have to enable in my claims in order to make it work. Every time I place the block down, it immediately return to my inventory. I have already tried setting modify to true, but this does not appear to solve the issue. The builder block placed down fine in the last iteration of the server so I really hope it wasn't banned. Thanks for the guidance @Manyouforgot @Kaszanka_1234 @brunyman! EDIT: Okay, so after talking with @Kaszanka_1234 I've been told that builders can't be used within 7 chunks of a town. This appears to be the case even when town perms are set to Modify:True. I don't know if this is a glitch as this was absolutely not the case in the last iteration of the server. I could use a builder within my town just fine, even with town within 7 chunks. I understand why Builders were restricted, but not being able to use them in my own claim is unreasonable, especially when I give it permission. Would someone be able to look into this? It is really frustrating to find out about this issue this way when I have done all of the prep work for it. Would it not be appropriate to include this information in the banned items post? Having secret rules and restrictions is a terrible way to run a server, guys. Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone, I am not sure what is going on, but my base keeps getting rolled back every 5 minutes or so during gameplay. If I leave a chunk, it reverts back to a previous state with items disappearing, chests wiping, machines unbuilding themselves. This is extremely frustrating, especially in early game, I have lost so much and I am not going to post a refund request, very literally, every 5 minutes.. My smeltery is FAR away and I even break the controller when not in use so it isn't that. I am at a total loss as for what to do. Thanks @Kaszanka_1234 and all the other admins. EDIT: I'm sorry, this is literally unplayable for me right now. Do I have a corrupted chunk or something? My base is at -265, -4101. Edit 2: Okay so the problem seems to be fixed by placing down a world anchor, I shudder to think what it would be like if I didn't have access to one...
  5. Heyo everyone! I wanted to say thanks to @brunyman for implementing BoP in this new map, its so much more interesting now! I know we kinda traded the mushroom biomes for oceans, but it is still an awesome improvement. Thanks for listening to us!
  6. Hi everyone! I'd like to ask if I could get my rank perks reapplied to me for the new server. Thanks so much @Kaszanka_1234 @Manyouforgot IGN: Akademee
  7. ^MVP right here @brunyman
  8. List Space
  9. List Space
  10. 1. Problem- Chests emptying themselves in protected bases. " I went to get something out of my chests and everything in it was gone!" Cause- This is most likely caused by the Smeltery Bug where things (like chests) in the same chunk as the smeltery can have their values reset to zero/empty. Solution- Treat the Smeltery like a leaking nuclear reactor, you do not want it in the same chunk with something that you are not prepared to lose! Always make sure that your smeltery is contained to a single chunk and do not place any chests or multiblock structures within the same chunk as your smeltery. Akademee 2. Problem- All of my ME cables (or other multiblock structure) are all broken and not connecting to each other (or multiblock won't work even though it is assembled). Cause- This is most likely caused by a bug where multiblocks and some cables that are in the same chunk as a world anchor block or other chunk loader can become disconnected after a reset or severe server lag. Solution- Make sure that you do not have any multiblock structures or ME cables sharing a chunk with the world anchor BLOCK. All of the rest of the loaded chunks surrounding that center loaded chunk will be fine and do not exhibit this problem. This only happens in the one chunk that contains the world anchor block. Akademee 3. Problem- Smeltery not melting items even though item's progress bar in the smeltery controller is completely full. Smeltery taking FOREVER to melt somethign with correct setup/materials. Cause- Not entirely sure, it might be a TPS (ticks per second) balancing thing. Possibly poor personal chunk loading without an anchor or something. Solution- If you don't have a chunk loader block of some kind, your personal 'chunk loading range' of your player is only like, two chunks or something. Try doing some work in the chunk that contains your smeltery and remember, always keep your entire smeltery in one chunk! I have also found that the progress bar advances graphically, but that doesn't mean that it has actually advanced as far as the server is concerned. I have found that it helps to rapidly click anywhere in the Smeltery Controller GUI for a few seconds and the progress bar returns to where it 'actually' is. This is a strange one for sure. Akademee 4. Problem- Cyclic Assemblers will randomly cease to function even with correct setup and materials supplied. Cause- Not entirely sure, may be a balancing thing or lag prevention, Cyclics are extremely powerful autocrafting tools, especially for early game so I could understand that if they got nerfed. Solution- For mid game, constant crafting, you can use Liquicrafters instead but they need a redstone pulse in order to craft a single item. I would not recommend the redstone timer as while it is adjustable, it causes a lot of lag. Use redstone clock blocks instead as they are very low lag, but fixed at 20 ticks per pulse. Protip, redstone clock blocks aren't synced with each other, so if you place two redstone clocks in contact with a liquicrafter, you can get two crafts per second rather than 1. The server does not like more than two clock blocks in a chunk at a time, if you place a third, it will get stuck. Another workaround (the one I use) is that you can autocraft with an Extra Utilities Transfer node (with a world interaction card) connected to a crafting table with 1-9 JABBA barrels or tiny-chests (for non-consumable tools) behind it to form a crafting grid. You can look up more about this online, but you can dramatically increase the speed on this one with speed upgrades. Akademee
  11. Hi everyone! I thought that with a new server and a new home for it, it would be helpful to have a thread dedicated understanding some of the inevitable quirks that are present on every server. I have been playing the FTB Mods for a long time, so long that we didn't even have Feed The Beast, it was just the individual mods! I have been on modded servers since Tekkit released for the first time, so I have seen my fair share of servers over the years. I can honestly say that CraftersLand is one of the best servers out there for FTB. That of course, does not mean that its perfect, far from it, but I have never seen a server with any where near this much staff involvement and engagement. With that said, every server (yes EVERY server) has its own little quirks that can steepen the learning curve and possibly frustrate some players if they are not made aware of them and are told how to prevent them from ruining their day. I would like to compile a list of these quirks and solutions here in this thread for any new to mid player to read. Many of you veteran members will no doubt already know about many of these and how to get around them and thats awesome! If you know of any quirks and solutions that are not in this list here, post them below and I will add them to the list up here at the top for all to see (with credit to the author). This is NOT a place to complain about the server!!! We have a whole subsection of the forums dedicated to that. Any posts simply complaining about a problem will be removed! If you would like to post something, please make sure that it meets the following rules: -State the problem/effect and is specific and known. -State the cause of the problem or what triggers it (if you can, if not, take a guess). -State a specific solution or workaround to the problem that you know fixes and/or prevents it from happening. Hopefully this will help some people out and cut down on some of the frustration we see with early players! Thanks everyone!
  12. Post on the discord, usually a lot faster
  13. Heyo everyone, I have been trying to figure this out for a long time, but I can't seem to nail down how villager spawning works on the server. I wanted to make a sort of protected area for villagers in my base (NOT a villager farm), but I can't seem to ever get them to stay spawned in my town. They always seem to despawn despite things like jailer's safari nets, name tags, mob enabling, etc. Is there some secret to making this work or some settings I should change in my town to make this possible? Is there a mechanic for managing how many mobs can be in one place to keep the server safe? If there is, I, and probably many others, would be really interested in how it works and manages that part of the server. Thanks!
  14. Ah, you have fallen victim to a rite of passage here on Craftersland Infinity Expert Mode. Smelteries are pretty bugged and you do not want to place anything that you cannot afford to lose (and you will lose it) in the same chunk as your smeltery. Go build that shit on some far away mountain somewhere, treat it like a nuclear testing site. Good luck with your rollback.
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