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[Refund Request]


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Account Name: KnightSpirit

Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful)

Thaumic Bow,upgraded with nether star and 1diamond+gold block (1 auto-repair and the rest was redstone)

Ender Amethyst arrows,upgraded with the star and 1dia+gldblk(1 autorepair and sharpness)

Silverwood wand,100 vis cap (Ignis - 0,Aqua and the rest - 7) (this one was not mine,i was trying to fill it to open the portal to the outerlands.

thaumometer (optional,i made 3 of them now)

like 20 carrot juice

golden bag (empty)

ender amethyst mattock (upgrade with the star+1dia+1gldblk) (1 autorepair and redstone) i remember it had 41 mining speed lol

void metal chestplate and helmet

Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]:2 days ago from this post(Imperatus told me to make a post)

Description of Issue: i gave Trinimpondence (i think that's the name) my leggings to make void thaumaturge's leggs,then i just died instantly..

i came back to pickup my stuff and i couldn't,because the owner of the town blocked the pickup perm...

also,how could i die instantly if i was in void chestplate and helm?

I think that was a trap...

Evidence (optional, but recommended):I asked kdxcd to help me pickupping my stuff with a magnet,but when he came the stuff disappeared...

All this happened in less than 15 seconds so i think the items shouldn't despawn.....



I can't join the server:

Failedto login:Invalid session (Try restarting your game)

I tried to rejoin the server 2 days long without success,then i reinstalled my modpack,didnt work,updated it to 3.0.0 didn't work too

i tried to re-join 1 million times and still not working.

Please,help me. (lol i was way too lazy to make a second post so i posted all of this here)

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