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[Refund Request] Supra07 [DW 1.7]


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Account Name: Supra07

Server: dw1.7

Item name + item ID: 4 sign-323

128 steak-364

1 Lexica Botania-4863

1 Greater Ring of Magnetization-6472

8 Land Mark-989

2 Experience Obelisk-1231 (1 of this have 40 level xp and the second have 150 level xp)

22 Item Conduit-5154

38 Rubber Wood- 621

1 Flux-Infused OmniWrench-5522

1 Ring of Protection- 4828

1 Giant's Sword-5369

1 Smart Wrench-6381

1 QuantumSuit Helmet-4337:37

1 QuantumSuit Bodyarmor-4338:27

1 QuantumSuit Leggings-4339:27

1 QuantumSuit Boots-4340:27

1 Giant's Pickaxe-5368

1 Resonant Energy cell-1694:4

1 Resonant Flux Capacitor-4611:5

24 Super-Laminar Fluiduct-2178:6

40k money and my resonant strongbox, I dont remember what's inside. You know a way to know what's inside?

Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 08/08/17 at 00:30 After brunyman helped me fix a bug

Description of Issue: I did not have more access at my Resonant Satchel, and resonant strongbox and lose all money, you can help me to recover my items by satchel, strongbox and money? All this happened after brunyman helped me fix a bug. This is topic of them bug 

Evidence (optional, but highly recommended): size at screenshot is much and i dont have allow to upload not anymore at 10.00kb. Use this link, Its secure ( http://prntscr.com/g64t7v ) ( http://prntscr.com/g64thd )








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