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[Rollback Request] Lost items


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Account Name: Jacobb303

Town name: / Character name : WolfWaterRidge

Coordinates: X- 1940 Y-95 Z- 2437

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 8:25 PM **(Pacific Standard Time)** Aug. 10, 2017

Description of Issue:

There is a glitch on this server which I experience often, where I can't take items out of, or place items into my ME network, and the problem persist until I break my ME system, place it somewhere else, then move it back to its original position. While doing this for the third time (today alone), I got tired of placing all the items that couldn't fit in my inventory into a chest, so I just let the excess items spin around my head, because I use a mysterious magnet (6797:7). As I fixed the issue, the items continued to spin around my head until I was nearly done moving the ME system to its original position, when suddenly, all the overflow items that couldn't fit in my inventory de-spawned. In total I lost 6 64k ME storage cells (4353)  completely full of items, a ME security terminal (435), a wireless access point (433), and a 64k crafting storage (455:3). I think it would be much easier to ask for a rollback request then trying to figure out all of the items that were lost in the storage cells in this incident, so any help is greatly appreciated :).



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