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Help me Please


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I want to ask the server for a request to return the item I had in the enderchest, many valuable things that I need, I want to ask them to return my favor.

What I had

* OP Diamond Hull

* OP Iron Peto

*OP Diamond Grebas 

* OP Diamond Boots

*Iron Sword OP

* 20 Gold Ingots

* 80 Iron Ingots

* 5 Iron Nuggets

* 2 Horse Reins

* 15 Apples and 18 Cookies

I want to ask you to please me to lose my help to meet the agradesco much, these are a part of the things I lost

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!

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Please provide us your IGN, which server is this for and a picture of all the things you lost as a proof. As I know you're a non-english speaker please write all of I asked on spanish.


Por favor, dinos tu nombre de usuario en el juego, para que servidor requieres esto (AssasinsCraft, Pure Survival, etc etc), y una foto de todo lo que perdiste como prueba. Como se que no eres hablante del inglés, por favor escribe todo lo anteriormente mencionado en español.

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