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Meeting Point - Map Submission for CTW ?


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Hi there! I made this map a long, long time ago for a different network with similar gamemodes to this one. The map never got accepted due to bugs in the XML file so I decided to submit it here as it might as well go to player's enjoyment, rather than sit in my mediafire downloads page.

Images < Old, but the most up-to-date version of the map.

Download < You can remove the XML file when downloading it staff team, as it is no use here.


**Note: I give permission to Craftersland to use this map, anyone else looking to use it must seek permission by sending me a PM**

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1 hour ago, Main said:

Good job!

But we will probably have to wait 9999 years to @brunyman to see this.

Yes, I think that more people should be given the power he has so it isn't just one person we have to rely on. Best option for us is to keep the map popular on here so he sees it.

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