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[Refund Request]JleoH_IIpo


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Account Name: JleoH_IIpo

Description of Issue: 

We start build new base and must deconstruct this botania strcture. All item we stored in resonant strong box. Server was lagging and this strong box was wanished. Items in strong box:

Item name + item ID:

x64 floating endoflame (619)

x64 endoflame  (572)

x4 mana spreader (573)

x12 mana pool (574)

x4 mana distrubutor (579)

x4 open crate (587)

x4 alchemical catalist (586)

x1 terrestrial agglomeration plate (613)

x1 wolf altar (2636)

x2 rune of water (4596)

x2 run of fire (4596:1)

x2 run of earth (4596:2)

x2 x2 run of air (4596:3)

x2 run of mana (4596:8)

Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 6pm 20.08.17


Evidence:  http://imgur.com/a/j2Un4


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