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Ruisu's Report


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Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) :

  • CTW

In-Game Nickname :

  • RuisuMC

Nickname of the one you are complaining about :

  1. Xyuh
  2. zombitoooo
  3. 159serhat159
  4. Jeaffry
  5. hghghf
  6. alvarorm
  7. DiegoUzumakiARTS
  8. Keivin95
  9. RogelioleHD
  10. sosoi
  11. anthonyxd12345
  12. devol127
  13. Jeangray
  14. sawi
  15. jorge453
  16. ReynalCrazy
  17. UnTalPvpGam
  18. ResuPvP
  19. sophiafofa
  20. JuanDiegoCR
  21. gokunaruto1gamer

Description of the situation :

  1. Xyuh: Troll with TnT
  2. zombitoooo: Bug Abuse (armor)
  3. 159serhat159: Bug Abuse (armor)
  4. Jeaffry: Bug Abuse (armor)
  5. hghghf: Bug Abuse (armor)
  6. alvarorm: Bug Abuse (armor)
  7. DiegoUzumakiARTS: Bug Abuse (armor)
  8. Keivin95: Troll with TnT
  9. RogelioleHD: Bug Abuse (armor)
  10. sosoi: Bug Abuse (armor)
  11. anthonyxd12345: Bug Abuse (armor)
  12. devol127: Bug Abuse (armor)
  13. Jeangray: Bug Abuse (armor)
  14. sawi: Bug Abuse (armor)
  15. jorge453: Bug Abuse (armor) and Bug Abuse (wool)
  16. ReynalCrazy: Bug Abuse (armor) and Bug Abuse (wool)
  17. UnTalPvpGam: Bug Abuse (armor)
  18. ResuPvP: Advertising
  19. sophiafofa: Bug Abuse (armor)
  20. JuanDiegoCR: Bug Abuse (armor)
  21. gokunaruto1gamer: Bug Abuse (armor)

Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) :

Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) :

  • -_-


Edit: please, if u aren't from staff don't reply to this post because this isn't a conversation. I just wait an answer from the staff.

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