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Unban request


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Hello, i was looking into the dupe bug, got banned in the process, hopefully what i've figured out will put a stop to it. 

I'm good at finding bugs.  If not, i'll wait it out. no problems, but if an Admin+ could message me so i can explain the method, that'd be great.



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I have recorded you in video duping and building your base with the items obtained.
I also have observed transaction logs in your AE storage. You have sold items, You have been duping. It seems fair to say the items you sold were duped, especially considering the small and fairly basic base you had when I began to observe your actions as you started to upgrade thanks to the dupe bug you knew of.

Any staff who want is free to request the full evidence (video evidence and screenshots).
I will also post some screenshots here tomorrow just for you after sorting threw the one's that may be not fit for posting publicly.

Interesting how I banned you and found that you have posted currently 54min ago that you know how the golden bag dupe works, then 48 min ago about how you want to talk to an admin then now 46min ago  as of now this post.

In the meantime you should take note that as a player it is not your job to investigate & notify us on duplication bugs etc. We are fully aware of these things and continually looking to fix the issues.

2 days for duping 2 days for sale of duped items.
Your claimed land & base has been removed as you were duping, your current market items will be bought out and your current in game money will be removed as you have obtained it illegally from my observations.

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No duped items were sold, that's an false assumption to make, I would like to appeal this.

If I can help you guys I will, regardless of whether it's my "job" It's a community game, and I will do what I can to help, everyone, even big servers need a hand, you can't always figure everything out.

Deleting the entire land is a little extreme, a rollback of an hour would have sufficed.

upgrading to P+ when the bans lifted so this won't happen again ;)



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And how are we to distinguish what is and is not duped? You were recorded duping it is very fair to assume that everything you own and have sold was duped as well.
Fair to you? No perhaps it isn't but to the server, the players on it and the economy of the server it is fair. And a safe bet based on what I observed.

You were not merely testing a dupe you were using it to obtain items and using those items to build and upgrade your base.
Not only did you do it once but you went back and did it again and who knows how many other times before I was watching.

(Also technically I should have referred you to use the unban template but that's ok this time it was me who forgot to request it.)

The staff of Craftersland are not all new minecraft players and lots of us are old community members we are fully aware of the problems the server's have and the various methods that can be used to break rules.
If you feel so inclined to help us out please wait for staff applications to open and apply.

Screenshots which are acceptable to post for public viewing below:

As no staff members seem to object with my choice and have not requested the video or any further screen shots I will close this topic now, You were caught.
You know what you were caught doing and you know that you shouldn't have been doing it.


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13 hours ago, Voodoo said:

upgrading to P+ when the bans lifted so this won't happen again

I'd just like to add a bit extra here-

Upgrading to P+ wouldn't have made a difference in this case. 
You wouldn't be able to dupe, or sell duped items or 'spawned in' items either.


topic remains closed.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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