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[Item Transfer Request] flamefurno

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Since there isn't an official template for it I would just do it this way.

Because of safety reasons I usually put all of my satchels on Owner Only mode. Sadly enough because I had to switch accounts, I cant access most stuff anymore. I'll like to get the stuff transfered from the Seragus Satchel to the one claimed by flamefurno.

I don't know if it's needed, but possibly the config "config\cofh\core\common" will have to get changed from "B:OpsCanAccessSecureBlocks=false" to "B:OpsCanAccessSecureBlocks=true". It makes it so that admins (only bruny afaik) can access locked Thermal Expansion containers. I stored the satchels in a chest at my island warp.

Thanks in advance, flamefurno

Edit: Coords are -12275 64 -12259.

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