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Suffocation in wall after server crash incident


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The server crashed whilst i was mining Sulfur Ore in the nether when I joined back I was inside a wall stuck unable to break/place blocks nor teleport home (or teleport at all) because I was getting damaged over and over until I died inside the wall, I used the /back command to try and recover lost items but when I teleported back there was nothing there at all, I even used my friend's Pic to dig it out (if it was there in the first place)

Lost items:

Fully maxed power armour (full set with everything installed)

Power Fist (maxed out)

64 cobblestone

Golden bag of holding (Containing heaps 3 stacks of 64 meat ingots)

Flux-infused Sword

16 Sulfur ore

35 Enderium Ingots


Thank you for reading and I hope I can recover these lost items because they were not easy to aquire

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