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Market items missing

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Hi, i don't know if theres a template for this, if so, i'm sure someone will let me know.

Anyway, Yesterday i put 3 stacks if not more, of endermen souls in the market  Item id 4769 - enderman

I was selling each item individually and so had to type the command time after time after time, i've come on today, and not a single one is on there, and the items have just gone missing.

Is there a reason for this?


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This could of gone under the Refund request template- but this is fine too.

Yes, there is a reason for this. Perhaps not a good reason, but a reason nevertheless. The market plugin was made for Vanilla purposes and it acts in a ... strange way when it comes to modded items, first off it does not work well with items with Meta data- Your souls being such an item. Other examples are bags, DSU, tinkers tools... if you put these up on the market - or through auction they will act in weird ways. On the market it will in most cases just remove the item, for tinkers tools it will turn it wooden. Through the auction it will do similar things, turn it wooden, empty the bag.. etc.

When trading items with important data it's always best to trade face to face. I'm not sure if the market send would work for this, never tested it.


This should still be valid for a refund though, so stay patient while a staff member sorts it out.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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