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My Suggestions Skywars


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Hello, to the whole community.

Today I come to bring some suggestions, which I have in Skywars, since most players, have bored little by little over time, have already declined the number of players gradually, since as the whole community knows have not shown much interest, as regards the updates, bugs, among many things, that are overlooked. Well, as I said today, I'll say a few small things that could help in the mini-game for more fun.


New lobby : Users are tired of the same and boring lobby, need a lobby with more personality and appearance for comfort.

SGTE : People would be more competitive and would have a good side, since with a Top Kills / Top Win players would have more concentration in winning.

New Kits : With new custom kits would be more entertaining at the time, the game as it discourages the time to choose.

Vote exclusiveVote chests / Day / Jump exclusively for Sponsor, Sponsor+PremiumVip. Because it is very annoying, always play Op chests and high jump.

New Maps : For the diversion of the players, to add new and exclusive maps, to improve the entertainment, or to edit the predetermined maps for better appearance.

Particles : The added particles, add a cost to each particle, to make the cost difficult so give more use to money and not just the kits.

New rules : how can it be, teammers in alone Skywars, cammping. Among many other things.

Abilities : This is optional, to be able to generate impression in the game like, to be able to add more force when striking, or to generate more armor or to increase the speed of the bow, and potions.


Yes, you have a question or suggestion that I am not specifying, please comment the topic. Wait, the updates by @brunyman.

Thanks, for your time. 

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Well, clearly this caught my attention because lately I've been playing a bit and it's very tedious in certain parts, it is expected to gradually improve to implement a good Skywars and PvP. 

Same as it says @_ItsWolfie_ I've also been testing the SG, and very little entertainment performance and players, is a network, which lacks support among other small things that implement it. 

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