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Abuse of powers.


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I know this is pointless and I am sure this post will also magically vanish but let me say again that having staff who ABUSE powers is a disgrace and will drive off your players. 

I received a warning yesterday of somebody who I have a conflict with and who also has a conflict with me, for disrespect. 
I want to challenge that warning and the way it was applied by Henkakalmar. I had posted nothing in the forums yesterday nor had I spoken to anyone on the forums yet somehow I magically mystically managed to be disrespectful, now I can only surmise this is a backlash for my shitty attitude about his shitty attitude which would make it an abuse of powers. 
This is also a conflict of interests as he has shown his feelings and attitude towards me. 

I would strongly urge you to have better control over your staff before they drive people away.

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The warning was issued due to a private message you wrote to me, aswell as your previous actions shown on the forum. 


Excuse the poor censoring, It was to not expose your IP. 


And as for the " disappearing topics " for your record, that was not my doing. However I stand by the decision.

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