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Unban xKayoZzGx on forums


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[1] In-Game Username:

[2] Details of Situation:

I was banned from the forums for recreating accounts banned in forum, because the account where it is supposed to ban evade, believes it in October 2016, and I was banned a few days ago, but what I do not understand is why he came to ban me a year later ...

[3] Ban Category:


[4] Ban Duration:

he say perm ban...

[5] Staff Member:


[6] ScreenShots:

i dont take one

[7] Your Reason:

for me, it's a bit unfair to ban me a year later ...

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Here's the thing:

You had your account " KayoZz_G " That you were using with ill means, you were boosting rep by your other alt accounts, you were staff impersonating, you were insulting staff and you were being in the way of actual staff duties. As you recall we had this discussion on discord when this happened last aswell. That account was then banned, then you left for awhile and now you're back, so you started using your second account by the name of xKayoZzGx, which also for the record- had warnings on them - and for the record your last 14 posts 4 posts were hidden because you, again, overstepped where you shouldn't have- (Not hidden by me, but still.)

So, in short: You got banned, so you evaded that ban by using a 2nd account. Which account was created first is irrelevant at this point, you were evading your ban. And after that account was banned you decided to do it again using an account named iiTzKayo_ , and after THAT one is now banned you decided to use this account, SanVallejo.


It is literally a pre-set point value, I cannot change it. If you are recreating banned accounts these are the actions that are taken. 


However, I am willing to do a compromise:

All your alt accounts will stay banned, and if you create more they will too be banned.
Your main account will be given a 1 month restriction on the website- starting now- and 14 warning points, which means that if you get the smallest of warning you will be once again permanently restricted from accessing the forum. This is my version of one final chance

I'll give you two days to accept.

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I gave your main account xKayoZzGx  13 warning points:

Will not expire, - that puts you at 14, then I did one last point that will expire in a month:


Now, I will also ban @SanVallejo, as I said I would do to your alt accounts. You are welcome to return to XKayoZzGx after a month and when you have learnt better behaviour :-)


Keep in mind that if you ban evade before this 1 month have passed this " deal " will no longer apply and your main account will also get the warning.


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