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  1. [Suggestion] Vote for server restart

    As you say, that situation is very rare and even though your suggestion makes sense in some ways, it doesn’t in some others. Imagine a late night, the server doesn’t have alot of players on it and it only requires 3 votes to reatart the server. Scumbag player decides to create a bunch of alt accounts to screw with everyone online and force restart the server over and ovet again. I thin a system like this would honestly cause more problems than it fixed, not to mention that we were lucky a mere restart fixed the IC2 issue. If anything maybe more staff should have ability to restart. GM+/GM.
  2. I payed a vip but no recived her

    Check the spam folder aswell, if it's not there it likely didn't go through.
  3. I payed a vip but no recived her

    @Tecno_Gamer As it says on that page " This page is not proof of purchase, please provide the store's support with your transaction ID if there are any issues with the payment " Check you email to see if you have a transaction ID or anything we can use.

    Do you have proof of this? Seems very odd that you would be running around with 4 legendary keys when you weren't even opening crates. The whole point with having players make a refund request on the forum is that they are given one chance to list all the items they need for the refund- once that passes and the refund is done that is it. It's the reason we don't do it straight ingame because people will be like that " Oh yeah, I forgot this this this and .... that. pls refund ".

    Refunded. T/C

    I marked the items that I have refunded with red. as you need to specify further what items you need. I gave you all the tools RAW as you don't specify exact amount of items for the modifiers, same with the wood- you don't specify how much wood you need refunded. " 2 rings and necklace "??? there are SO many rings in this modpack. You didn't specify the saplings either, I gave you a few of each and you'll have to just get more by growing them. It's in a chest in the center of your base, in a chest. (By your elevator.)
  7. Refund Request

    Refunded, please use the proper template next time. T/C
  8. Denied. Your inventory was meant to be reset together with your enderchest when you were banned for duping. However due to Sponge I couldn't reset your inventory since it's not a supported feature to access offline players inventories and enderchests. I was meant to do it yesterday- When you get banned for duping you are meant to be reset to square one. T/C
  9. (Refund Request) ggGamer13330

    Denied. Player was using worldedit to dupe items, aswell as copy creative items from spawn to use for his own gain- player properly punished for rule 2 and therefore this refund request is denied. T/C
  10. Sponsor money and keys

    I refunded..... 5 Legendary Crate Keys. 10 Vote Crate Keys. I can't do $$$ though... Maybe GM's should have /eco @brunyman?
  11. Legendary Chest Rewards

    I know we have gotten multiple complaints that our legendary kits and vote kits are too overpowered, and you can pretty much set up your entire base if you just stick around for a few vote parties... on the contrary Nukes, I disagree, I think these kits are quite powerful, Heck, if I just get the Machinist kit and the biofuel kit then I will have machines and power for days .
  12. [Unban]KingsMan

    You exploited an unintended game mechanic - Rule 2 You griefed spawn- which is otherwise a permban.. we'll let you go off easy and count it just as griefing. Rule 8 And you also ban evaded. Rule 18 So, Rule 2 2nd offense - 7 days. Rule 8 2nd offense - 14 days. rule 18 2nd offense - 7 days. By the end your ban lenght will be 28 days. I am not buying the excuse that you were simply trying to find exploits to help the server, and neither will any other staff member judging by your past. Because it's the same excuse yo used when you deleted 3 islands on SF3. But still, we decide to show mercy and reduce your permban down to a 28 day ban. Know that if you will keep on ban evading during this time it will result in a Rule 20 which may give you that permban in the end. Not to mention there were also chance cubes. not only veinmining That will be all, we will add more days as it comes around, as we can't add more than 7 days at once. You can buy an unban from the buycraft shop, but do note that you would have to buy it for all the accounts you ban evaded with, otherwise it's just ban evading... again. T/C
  13. Refund Request

    Refunded. Oh yeah? You got them all from ontop of your head did you? ;-) All good mate, hope that does it. T/C
  14. Items Lost on server roll back

    Refunded and placed in your inventory T/C