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I would like to suggest that some sort of warning should be added before ground items are remove, to give players a chance to pick their stuff up before they are removed.
I have been using botania quite a bit on the Infinity Evolved server and i have so far lost 2 greater bands of mana, a mana tablet and some terrasteel to ground removal. I am not asking for a refund, but just pointing out the problem.

I would suggest that a 10 sec warning would be added to ground removal.


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It's not the sort of thing were it waits a certain amount of time and removes all the dropped items on the server, it's where it starts counting from the moment you personally drop the items, it's an item by item basis. It's not a global effect. The server keeps track of entities, and when the tps gets too low, it will start removing all items on the floor.


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It's suppose to be blacklisted.


Here is how Craftersland (custom) antilag plugin works:

Every few minutes the server checks the current TPS, and if the TPS is below a certain threshold for two consecutive checks it will execute the following:


At 18 TPS it will clear any entity that there is more than 100 of in the world - 

At 14(?)TPS it will remove any unsaved chunkloaders

At 12 it will queue a restart


To prevent bosses to despawn we set in a limitation of 100 entities of a certain type, so with that there shouldn't really be a reason why your items got removed when you dropped them, but if you say it is then it's likely just a bug by the plugin- perhaps is sees all dropped entities on the floor as a single ID.

Regardless, the clear does not run on a timer and sometimes clears happen very frequently if the lag is worse-- and I believe this is why Bruny doesn't want to have a warning message for the entity clearer. It's suppose to work in the shadows and never really be detected.

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