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Refund Request


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Account Name:


Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful):

Power Armour Helmet 25027

Power Armour Chestplate 25028

Power Armour Leggings 25029

Power Armour Boots 25030

PowerGlove 25031

Power Armour Upgrades ( Breather, Autofeeder, Nightvision, Flightcontrol, Shovel, pickaxe, diamond tip, melee, jump assist, run assist, uphill assist, shock absorbers, jetpack, heatsinks, water tank,

Power Armour upgrade items

Force Field Emiiter x 8 25026:11

Basic Plate x 4 25026:9

HV Capacitor x 1 25026:7

Hologram Emitter x 1 25026:12

Control Circuit x 8 25026:19

LV Capacitor x 2 25026:5

Servo x 16 25026:2

Ion Thruster x 4 25026:4

Other Items

Nether Quartz 6 x 64 406

Big Backpack x 1 5857:48

Redstone Energy Concuit x 32 20258:2

Diamond axe x 1 279

Builders Wand x 1 10259

Wrench x 15397


Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]:

11th Oct 2017, Approx 3.30am GMT

Description of Issue

So basically I teleported to spawn to collect my market mail, when I arrived, I instantly have 2 ingots of Refined Uranium in my Inventory. I try to teleport back but cannot due to damage being taken. Im not sure how the Uranium got in my inventory but I suspect someone placed or tp'ed it somehow in the spawn in area. 

Evidence (optional, but highly recommended):

No evidence sorry as I don't normally take screenshots of my inventory but if the logs show players inventory then it will all check out with what I'm claiming to of lost.

Thank you in advance for helping me with this issue.

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