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[ACv1] Bug Abuse #22

ItsIsma29R || Official

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Network Server (Ac v1, Factions, etc.) : ACv1


In-Game Nickname : _SweetDreams_


Nickname of the one you are complaining about : SkriiLexx_PvP


Description of the situation : HB me on Spawn


Screenshots/Video Proof (Required) :



Players that can confirm your situation (If applicable) : -

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37 minutes ago, Wolf_Flow111 said:

He did this many times, 5th or 6th offense, the ban should be 30 days.

(I know that you wait for an answer from staff and you probably don't care about my answer :v)

Right, I`ve been looking and it`s not just the first time.
- 1.- https://prnt.sc/gyqan5
- 2.- https://prnt.sc/gyqapm
Ty for mentioning it.
A greeting! :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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