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FTB Direwolf20 1.10.2 Server WIPE is Complete!

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So we decided to do a fast server WIPE, we didn't had a vote pool this time, and the reason is the server was almost empty all the time. The WIPE was needed to update the protection system Grief Prevention as there were some big changes and existing claims could not be converted. With this WIPE we also generated new map seeds, updated sponge to latest version, installed the players market and enabled creative access to premium+ and above ranks.


As this was not just a WIPE but also updates to get the server to more finish state here is the change log:

  • Full WIPE except for ranks.
  • Generated new map seeds.
  • Added Players Market to sell/buy items from other players.
  • Added buycraft kits.
  • Sponge API update and bug fixes.
  • GriefPevention update, this will allow us to unban some items as the protection is better now, more the this after we finish retesting items.
  • Creative mode is enabled now for premium+ and above ranks.


The old server map can be downloaded here:


As I would like to thank to all staff members that helped me out to get this update out, I will also like to request the community to make suggestions on what items should we add at spawn shop, suggestions for crate rewards and buycraft kits, thanks and please post them here:


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