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[Ftb Direwolf20 1.12.2] List of Restricted Items

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The list of restricted items on our FTB Direwolf20 1.12.2 Server, MC 1.12.2. Last updated  14.02.2019


Disabled Mods:

  • Controlling¬†- Client side mod.
  • CustomMainMenu -¬†Client side mod.
  • inventorysorter - Possible dupes.
  • Mercurius - Server statistics.
  • MouseTweaks - Possible dupes.
  • TipTheScales - Client side mod.


Restricted Items: 


  • Swapping Wand¬†> Not enough Wands¬†- Protection bypass.
  • Dank/Null > /dank/null - Dupes.
  • Displacement Wand¬†> Not enough Wands¬†- Protection bypass.
  • Moving Wand¬†> Not enough Wands¬†- Protection bypass.
  • EFLN¬†> Tinker's Construct¬†- Protection bypass.
  • Industrial TNT¬†> ic2¬†- Protection bypass.
  • NUKE¬†> ic2¬†- Protection bypass.
  • Laser¬†> ic2¬†- Dupes.
  • Shard of Laputa¬†> Botania¬†- Lag.
  • Rod of Biofrost¬†> Botania¬†- Protection bypass.
  • Rod of the Shifting Crust¬†> Botania¬†- Protection bypass.
  • Teru Teru Bozu¬†> Botania¬†- Changing weather.
  • Storage Scanner¬†> RFtools¬†- Protection bypass.
  • Lens of the Killer¬†> Actually Additions¬†- Protection bypass.
  • Lens of Certain Death¬†> Actually Additions¬†- Protection bypass.
  • Player Probe¬†> Actually Additions¬†- Exploit.
  • Rod of the Shaded Mesa¬†> Botania¬†- Protection bypass.
  • Music Disk 13¬†> Minecraft¬†- Easter egg Issue.
  • Debug card¬†> OpenComputers¬†- Exploit.
  • Celestial Manipulator¬†> Draconic Evolution¬†- Changing weather.
  • Rainmaker¬†> Forestry¬†- Changing weather.
  • Bag of Holding¬†> Extra Utilities¬†- Bugs.
  • Redstone Clock¬†> Extra Utilities¬†- Bugs.
  • Portal Gun > PortalGun - Grief.
  • Chemical Thrower > ImmersiveEngineering - Bugs.
  • All creative only items are restricted.


With this restricted items your stuff on the server will be safe from grief so you can play without worries.



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