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[Refund request]Grave lost when be throw to the lava pool on nether by a giant

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Account Name: Rotomegax

Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful): Super builder's wand

Time/date[time/date when "WHAT" happened]: 10:10 AM GMT+7, January 25, 2018 


Description of Issue: I made the nether portal to find some soul sands for Wither, suddenly after I went to the portal I realized that I'm standing on the lava pool. Then a giant attacked and throw me to the lava pool and I was fail to use /town spawn because it required 2 seconds and my connection to the server was terrible as many of members at the same time so the command cannot be executed. I've asked 2 members (sr I forgot their name) to help me retrieve my grave but they can't due to timed out several times. The grave now is lay on level 27 under the portal, almost items on it are trash except the super builder's wand I bought on spawn market.

Evidence (optional, but recommended):

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4 hours ago, kaliber110 said:

so u want a inf roleback not a refund request?

cause for refund we need to know what u lost exactly



As I say, the most valuable item that I want to get back is the super builder's wand. When I fall to the lava pit my inventory only contains low-tier tools make from sapphire and peridot, only 1 shiny pickaxe with silk touch upgrade and it may be good if you can refund me the silky jewel too.

Otherwise, the inventory rollback is good for me if Brunyman can do it 5 minutes before the time I post on the #1. Because I just craft the silky jewel and make the shiny pickaxe with rod and binding from papers 5 minutes before

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