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Deep Dark Reset

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I didn't know the deep dark also resets with the rest of the dimension, since the announcement only says "rf dimensions get reset every monday and friday" but does not mention ANY other dimensions.

Since i thought the deep dark would be safe i had some stuff there to help me with mining there which i now lost.
These include:
- 1 Resonant Portable Tank @Thermal Expansion
- 1 Pressurized Fluid Conduit 4793:1 @Ender IO
- 2 Auto Compressors @Ex Compressum
- 1 Trashcan (items) @Extra Utilities
- 1 Resonant Strongbox @Thermal Expansion
- 5 Item Conduits @Ender IO
- around 10 Item Conduit Speed Upgrades 4800 @Ender IO
- 1 Sag Mill @Ender IO
- 2 Hoppers @minecraft
- 2 Basic capacitor Banks 1312:1 @Ender IO
-  Lava Generator x8 multiplier 1436:2 @Extra Utilities
- 1 QED 1387 @Extra Utilities
- 8 Ender-Flux Crystal 1387:2 @Extra Utilities
- 1 Crescent Hammer 4547 @Thermal Expansion

In the resonant strongbox i had over 6 stacks of Yellorium ore, 2 stacks of Certus Quartz ore and around 8 charged certus quartz ore and some other stuff..

i would love to get am much of the stuff back as possible as again, i did not know the deep dark would reset along with the RTFOOLS dimensions.

Also: can that announcement be changed to include the other dimensions that get resetted too to prevent other mistakes? 


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Placed the items in a resonant strongbox next to your cobble gen

As Lancelot said, the Deep Dark, the End, the Nether and the Twilight Forest get reset at the beginning of the month. I suggest removing your items from those dimensions at the end of the month, just to be sure.


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