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Hi everyone I am a 15 year old kid from Bulgaria.My name is Ivan it may sound strange to you but this is a really used name in Bulgaria.

My life is hard you may ask why well here is the answer.

The first thing that is hard for me with playing studying and everything else almost is that I'm colourblind,I cant see green and red.

The second thing is that I really want to be respected and other people not to be bad with me.Example:You stupid colourblind kid.

When someone says something with colourblind about me I feel really sad because I didn't want to be colourblind but well I  was born like that.

And third but no final thing I really like playing a lot of different types of games examples:Minecraft,League of legends,Warframe,i like playing io games too.

Thank you so much if you spend any time reading this I would be so happy if you did <3 <3 <3 . *sorry for mistakes if I did any*

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