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Punishment or refund


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Title: punishment or refund

IN game name: ReaperK17

Time and Date: 2/11/2018 around 9 pm 

Now here's what happened i will be using this recent event as an example, what happened was a player tore off my armor using witchery, i told that that was a ban-able offence because at the time they were holding on to my armor and did not return it till after i had said that. Even after i said that they continued to do it, now some how they claim one of the pieces got sucked up into a vacuum hopper into a garbage(regarding this i find it hard to believe as all pieces fell in the same area and only one disappeared) aside from what i believe or i don't the point is it happened, and it could be argued that the rule of common sense was broken up to the mods to decide. i was offered a refund by a helper, i said no, because i firmly believe if you make a mistake you should own up to it, i don't care if the punishment is a warning a slap on the wrist or even a ban i care that there is one. i don't think everything can be fixed with refunds, here's why i was talking to a player, i don't remember who, but he claimed he asked for refunds up to 3 times and got them all refunded when he had never lost anything in the first place, now you're thinking why believe him well cause my base mate and i destroyed our base a while back, so i left the town. he had it refunded. i was very very surprise to hear this as it was no server error simply admins not checking if the refund was legit. i don't think refunding is always the best case and i think punishment is better even if its little things like warnings. It doesn't matter if you did it on accident, YOU did it so own up to it. this is all my opinion and its really up to staff to decide what to do and the owner and what he thinks.\


if they are require i will post them but see as how reaper seemed to not deny it i wont.

P.S erm brunnyman pls fix bark belt :C

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We punish for something that's a clear case, this isn't a clear case and from every view but one that I see it from tells me that this was an honest mistake that the item was lost in the process. 

For the record, we apply rule 20 as a permanent ban for those troublemakers who decide to go around the rule and cause a constant harm to our servers and players. This would not be a case of common sense but would instead be for abuse of magic- which is followed by a formal or verbal warning and I think reaper has it pretty clear by now that he shouldn't use such magic again.

Yes, we trust the honesty of players and we do check up on it every now and then- if it's a doubtful refund request we ask for a rollback instead and if the items rolled back does not equal the items he suggested a refund for said player would be punished and also banned from refunds again.

We have refunds for 2 reasons: 

1. it allows the moderators, admins and GM's on the server to assist a player with lost items without having to ask for a rollback request. Because a rollback request could be a lenghty wait in the worst case it would four days for a few items.

2. There are some errors every here and there that can't be helped that causes the player to lose items because of the server's fault- for example if you die at spawn on another server than dw1.7 you can't pick your grave back up. Things like these... and if we wouldn't offer any sort of way for the members to get back those items then we will be met with alot of hatred and ragequitters. 


For the record, I offered you that refund, but I told the helper to tell you so. If you want the refund still then let me know, I see no reason for Reaper to be punished anymore than a verbal warning. 

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