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[Rollback Request] Plot rollback


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Account Name: Choxy

Town name: / Character name : mythcre / Choxy

Coordinates: X-1694, Z:90, Y:63

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 10h before now should fix it.

Description of Issue: I didn't know I forgot to change the drives out on my ME system after the owner of the town left that put them in there on the creative mode one.  And when I broke the drive and tried to pick my drives up it wiped everything since the drives were spawned with the creative mode.  So I lost everything.  Just need my stuff rolled back not anybody elses.  It was me that broke it so it should all be under me not anybody else.

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11 hours ago, DragonLady said:

Bruny is the only one that can do rollbacks, which are done on mondays and fridays.

Since you posted your rollback on tuesday, it might happen sometime today. If bruny is busy, it might take a bit longer.

Okay thank you for giving me the information ^^

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18 hours ago, brunyman said:

I tried several rollbacks, went back to 4th March and there are no drives do you have a date when they were there?

They are there!  Thank you so much my normal drives are still missing but the ones with items in them are here so I will just make new drives.

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