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End of Stream Error, Unable to connect.


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I have been running into an issue that has arisen today. As I came to join your server as I normally do, I encountered the error, "End of Stream" the moment "Logging in" disappeared. Naturally, I shrugged it off, and tried again - to no prevail. So I restarted Tekkit, tried again, same error. I reinstalled the modpack - no prevail. I reinstalled .Technic - to no prevail. I restarted my PC - to no prevail. I restarted the internet router - to no prevail. I attempted to join another server on the same Tekkit version, and it worked. I tried another server, and it worked. It must be a server-side issue, so I contacted tech-support on Discord. A moderator xxDragonJCxx helped me, by: trying to relocate me to spawn via. jailing; in addition to putting our inventories in chests in our towns, to see if it was a corrupted inventory issue. Neither attempt worked, though I am grateful for his attempts. I have little server-money, and now nothing in my inventory, so if a complete player-data wipe is necessary, please go through with it. I certainly enjoy playing on this server, alongside my college. 

Best regards,

Psycode01 (IGN).

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