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Enlarge protected area at The End and Nether


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Players are opening chance cubes close to spawn area (portal) in dimensions and most of time the platform get destroyed. It would help if protected area is much bigger (like 50 more blocks in each direction, or more) so they can not open chance cubes very close to portal.

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Players are also mining out the platform made by the admins who i believe don't work their behinds off for the players for nothing.

As you can see in the imgur link, the glowstone platform used to touch the obsidian, but players obviously mined it out deliberately up to what is claimed.

In the end there isn't even spawnprotection and players are doing chance cubes right next to the platform but in case they destroy it, some players can't fly to save themselves and whoever is doing this also doesn't know how to clean up after themselves.

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