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Hot Potato (but the potato is secretly a creeper)


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So this is basically an endless hot potato game, but instead of a potato, it's a creeper B-)
The goal is to avoid the creeper and pass it onto the next poster.

I'll start

The creeper starts heading towards me, but I quickly kick it towards the next poster


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4 hours ago, Lancelot said:

PS: I never hear of this game, maybe some explanation of how it supposed to work, and what rules are?


So the goal is to avoid the creeper blowing up in your face and pass it to the next poster in a creative way



1 hour ago, quagma said:

This creeper has landed on my favorite platform. I kick it so hard it flies high up and lands on a pig several meters away.

Just as I was about to take a ride with my pig, a creeper landed on top of it. I quickly use telekinesis to move it towards the next poster

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