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Island Rollback request LayaElisabeth

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Your Name: LayaElisabeth
Island Owner Name: LayaElisabeth
Coordiantes: x: -15800 y: 144 x: -13000
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Wednesday march 28 at 12.00h Central European Time (Brussels)
Description of Issue: all my fluid cows just despawned suddenly, i had cows in all different corners of my island and over a dozen couples ready to be lasso'd and stored for safekeeping
Screenshots (Optional): I don't have a screenshot of when i still had the cows. Can you do a rollback on my entire island from the bottom one corner to the top diagonal corner? i had some cows very far apart to prevent them from lagging after i would have lasso'd the rest of the cows in the center.

Except for the date and hour, i copied this from my original post since it happened again. All the cows just vanished. I know it might be the mod, but can someone perhaps review the logs to see what went wrong? cause this is the second time everyone online lost all their cows in 1 sweep.

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I don't want to be annoying, but i noticed yesterday that the rollback didn't seem complete.
I'm still missing 2 cows from the North East corner of my island. It's wayy up in the cornertower almost at build limit height.
It might be easiest to just rb the entire chunk of the Gelid Cryocows as i accidentally destroyed some RFTools stuff below it. 
Please only rb that chunk as this time i want to be able to actually play while i await the rb. I'll just make sure to stay away from that 1 chunk (the big chunksized gap in the green glass ceiling) so as long as only that chunk gets rolled back i don't lose any progress. Not being able to play last week was a pain, but playing and having all progress be undone is worse.


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