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World Anchor - How does it work


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I've noticed strange behaviour of the world anchor I've placed recently. While im offline, the time on it ticks down (at least for a while after logging off); in addition, entities periodically dropped on the ground within its range (like stone, for livingrock production) still continue dropping, or at least seem to, as I lose stacks of them when not around.

However, few other things do not happen, namely Orechid fails to generate ore (either due to mana not being produced or due to falling ores not being picked up by hopperhock) and livingrock is not produced (either stone is dropped on the ground and not planted by rannuncarpus, or simply vanishes as soon as it drops). This means I cannot generate ores while offline, and I cant produce building materials, despite losing stacks of stone.

I didnt do extensive testing yet, so I'd like to ask if someone could clarify just how World Anchor works on Infinity server? I'd like to know when to use it and when to avoid using it. I dont want to put a bigger load on the server if it's not necessary. Is the range different than default 3x3, or does ground clearing script remove entities instantly when no player is nearby?

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Sadly I'm doing a magic-only "challenge" and I don't have access to many methods of chunk loading. I think World Anchor will have to do. Thanks for answer.


Edit: as for entities in large quantities, I've lost 2 mana tablets, 1 terra shatterer (before fix) and 1 Greater Band of Mana by now to clearscript, so Im sure it also removes single stacks of entities.

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