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[Refund Request] PreppyBrain

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Your Name: PreppyBrain
Item Name + ID + Amount: Lost loads of chickens, had just made tier 6 chicken Vibrant Alloy chicken, had enderpearl chickens max level, diamond chickens and loads of other, all basic ones. etc.
Coordinates:  9b04e508f1a27f750547861f7d752c5e.png
Description of Issue: I am more mad about the fact that there is no information about it. I had specially put Spotloader in the chunk because I had heard that without them chickens tend to disappear. Closely before restart I realised that all chickens are gone, I had quite a lot of them, many of them were 10 10 10 already. And the fact that spotloader just randomly can disappear and that is not written anywhere... what? I had spent days on these chickens. And at the time when they disappeared I was even in that chunk. 

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