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deathknight0 asked me to destroy a base, and wouldn't leave my house for an extended period of time.


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So I was minding my own business, planting some bushes and such, when deathknight0 requested to teleport to me, citing that he was "bored." I accepted this request warily, thinking that he was simply going to look around the place and leave. So I showed him around, but then he wouldn't leave despite my multiple requests for him to. We engaged in a conversation about his stay at my house, and during this conversation he offered me some nukes to be used to destroy Annuile's house. I declined this offer, and he stood around for a while until Ann found a way to keep him out of the town plots.



These are screenshots of the conversation between me and deathknight0.

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Aye, I can verify this. All I really want is an agreement that he leaves us alone. 
I was part of his town before, and he kept doing incredibly stupid things, so I eventually grew tired of it and left, after he kept killing one of my friends near a hungry node, while they were trying to help me (Pretty sure if you die near a hungry node, you lose all your stuff cause it eats it)
This is entirely characteristic of deathknight0.
Again, I would be happy with reaching an agreement where he leaves us alone and doesn't try to incite other people to grief my base for him.

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I would ask you to use the template, but as I am online now if he comes on I'll deal with him.
Inciting rule breaking is worthy of a verbal warning.

If he continues the harassment, after I've talked with him I'll discuss with other staff on what to do.

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