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[Rules] Revelation


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Community Rules:
These rules apply to every server. Server specific rules are further down.

1. No Hacked Clients:


What is considered a hacked client?
A hacked client is a modified game client that gives the user an unfair advantage when compared to the regular server experience.
These modifications include, but are not limited to: fly hacks, kill auras, wallhacks, speed modifications of any type, nofall, chest finders, vanish, etc.
This does not mean that you can't use any mods that are not present in the modpack itself. Mods like Optifine, JourneyMap or Schematica do offer an advantage over those who don't use these mods, but we consider them part of the regular server experience.

- 1st offence = 7 days ban
- 2nd offence = 14 days ban
- 3rd offence = 28 days ban
- 4th+ offence = 60 days ban

WARNING: Any usage of a hacked client resulting in the loss of the legitimacy of your belongings will result in their destruction, including your inventory and base.

2. No Abusing Bugs / Exploits:


Abusing bugs / exploits in order to gain an unfair advantage makes the game less fun for everyone. Bugs / Exploits include but are not limited to: bypassing claim protection, duping, etc.
We do our best to fix as many bugs as we can, the reality is that we cannot fix everything. Explaining a bug / exploit to other players is considered abusing that bug and falls under this rule.

What if I find a bug / exploit by accident?
Finding a bug and abusing a bug are two different things. If you refrain from using the bug to your advantage and immediately report it to staff, you will not be punished. When reporting the bug make sure to contact staff privately, either through in game chat (/msg or /helpop) or by sending them a direct message on discord.

- 1st offence = 2 days ban
- 2nd offence = 7 days ban
- 3rd offence = 14 days ban
- 4th+ offence = 28 days ban

WARNING: Any bug abuse resulting in the loss of the legitimacy of your belongings will result in their destruction, including your inventory and base.

3. No Advertising:


Includes but isn't limited to sharing other servers, social media accounts and referral links via the global chat, whispers, nicknames or structures. if you aren't sure if what you want to share would qualify as advertising, ask a staff member for permission.

- 1st offence = kick with a warning
- 2nd offence = 24 hour mute
- 3rd+ offence = 7 days mute

4. No Inappropriate Conduct:


What is considered an inappropriate conduct ?
Any conduct that would be a hindrance to the server's healthy and friendly environment, some examples are:
 - Speaking foreign languages in the global chat and as such preventing staff from moderating it accordingly.
 - Spamming the same content, either in the global chat or in the item market.
 - Discussing sensitive topics.
 - An excessive use of profanity, swearing or CAPs.

WARNING: Inappropriate conducts involving skins or usernames may cause a temporary ban until they have been changed, would the author ignore the staff's warnings.

- 1st offense = warning
- 2nd offense = 15 minutes mute/jail
- 3rd offense = 30 minutes mute/jail
- 4th+ offense = 1 hour mute/jail

Particularly immoral conducts
Those can't be accepted in our servers, as such they will be punished more strictly and include, but aren't limited to:
- Sexist, racist and homophobic slurs/content.
- Scamming.
- Making fun of terminal illnesses.
- Teleport and scam killing.

What is considered PvP scamming?
- TP killing. Killing someone after teleportation is disallowed. Regardless of being in the wilderness or claimed land.
- Creating Traps. Creating traps in claimed land to kill a player is not allowed, as players are unable to do anything in claimed land. Such as break/place blocks.
- Asking for help and then killing the player either after or during the helping process.

- 1st offence = 1 hour mute/jail
- 2nd offence = 24 hour mute/jail
- 3rd offence = 2 days ban
- 4th+ offence = 4 days ban

5. No Harassment:


What's considered harassment ?
 Any systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying action against someone else, either via the game chat or in-game.

- Abusive words targeting a player or a group of players
- Claiming close to another player without consent. This can prevent the player from expanding their base in the future
- Killing a player multiple times without rest

- 1st offence = 1 hour mute/jail
- 2nd offence = 6 hour mute/jail
- 3rd offence = 12 days ban
- 4th+ offence = 24 days ban

6. No intentional harm to Server Integrity:


Includes any intentional action that would have a negative impact on the server's state and/or the players' experience on the server, or any threats of said action.

This includes any intentional lag, ignoring the staff's warnings about a setup causing lag, or reproducing it again after those warnings will be considered intentional and as such will fall under this rule.

- 1st offence = warning
- 2nd offence = 1 day ban
- 3rd offence = 3 days ban
- 4th+ offence = 7 days ban

7. No Impersonating Staff:


Includes any method used to deceive the players into thinking that you are a staff member (nicknames, clan tags, prefixes...), whether you take profit of it or not. Even if you do this as a momentary "joke" it will still be considered as breaking the rule.

- 1st offence = 3 days ban
- 2nd offence = 7 days ban
- 3rd offence = 14 days ban
- 4th offence = 28 days ban
- 5th offence = Permanent ban

8. No Griefing any Protected Areas:


Griefing land involves any action/method that will change  the environment of claimed land. This includes any block, item or liquid that can bypass protection.

This rule also includes the Griefing of own Town/Claim if other members did not agree and worked hard to build the claim or to gather the items.
An example of this would be to take all items from the claim storage and move them to a different claim that members don't have access to.

- 1st offence = 7 days ban
- 2nd offence = 14 days ban
- 3rd offence = 28 days ban
- 4th+ offence = 60 days ban
Griefing Spawn is a Permanent Ban

9. No Console Clients:


A Minecraft Console Client is an application used to connect to any Minecraft server without having to open the main Minecraft game. These clients can be used to send command, send & receive messages and even run scripts to perform many different functions, such as auto-relog, anti-afk, chunk-load, move etc.

- 1st offence = 2 days ban
- 2nd offence = 4 days ban
- 3rd+ offence = 7 days ban

10. No Punishment Evading:


Mute/Jail Evasion
While muted or jailed, you must serve your punishment. Using any method to bypass this punishment will result in the main account being banned.
1st offence = 1 day ban
- 2nd offence = 5 day ban
- 3rd+ offence = 10 day ban

Ban Evasion
After a ban, you aren't allowed to join the server until it expires, this includes any method used to bypass this limitation.

- 1st offence = 2 days ban + time left on main account
- 2nd offence = 7 days ban + time left on main account
- 3rd+ offence = 14 days ban + time left on main account

11. Don't sell items for in real life money:


- 1st+ offence = 30 days ban

12. No Tracking Staff:


Any method or item that is used to locate a staff member.

- 1st offence = Warning
- 2nd offence = 2 days ban
- 3rd offence = 4 days ban
- 4th+ offence = 6 days ban

13. No Databasing Players:


Any method that can be used to database players. This includes, but is not limited to:
- ComputerCraft
- OpenComputers

- 1st offence = Warning
- 2nd offence = 2 days ban
- 3rd offence = 6 days ban
- 4th+ offence = 10 days ban

0. Use Common Sense:


The rule set can't be perfect and as such there can remain gray areas or simply actions that won't fit any of the rules, therefore staff reserves the right to apply a punishment fitting the offense under this rule, with the approval of a Manager.
Managers may decide a more appropriate punishment for offences outside the number scope displayed.

Additionally, any donation perk thought to be abused will be removed.

Revelation Rules:
These rules are Revelation specific.
Other servers might share some of these rules, so make sure to always read up on the server specific rules.

1. Creative Items:


Starting with Premium+ players get access to creative mode. There a few additional rules concerning those with creative access. Creatively influenced items must remain within their town. You are not allowed to sell/gift creatively influenced items to players who are not living with you.

For the players having received the permission to use commands that allow to spawn items or modify their nature, such as worldedit and /enchant, the items affected by those commands are also affected by this rule.

WARNING: Players receiving said items may also be punished, if it happen to be recurrent.

Selling Creative Items
Creative items that are sold on the market or to a player directly.

- 1st offence = kick and a warning
- 2nd offence = 7 days ecoban and a warning
- 3rd offence = permanent ecoban with warning
- 4th offence = 2 days ban
- 5th+ offence = 7 days ban

Gifting Creative Items
Creative items that are given to a player you are not living with. This also applies to creative items that are placed outside of your claim/town (Including storage containers with creative items)

- 1st offence = kick and a warning
- 2nd offence = 2 days ban
- 3rd offence = 7 days ban
- 4th+ offence = 12 days ban

2. PvP:


To engage in PvP with another player, you must have a mutual agreement. You are not allowed to attack others without their consent.

Group battles must be organised, with agreement of all individuals involved. These PvP engagements can continue until the battle has ended.

Regardless of mutual consent, you are not allowed to engage in PvP whilst using donator permissions (fly, god, creative mode, ...) or creative influenced items.

What if I just punch them lightly as a friendly gesture?
A friendly punch is not considered a pvp battle for the sake of this rule.

- 1st offence = kick with warning
- 2nd offence = 1 hour jail
- 3rd offence = 1 day ban
- 4th+ offence = 2 day ban

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