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[Refund Request] lost base


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Account Name: Zexef

Item name + item ID (item ID optional, but very helpful)

1 stack of Diamond Blocks id : 57

1 Stack of Draconium blocks id : 1651

2 Stacks of Iron Blocks id : 42

4 Stacks of Coal blocks    id: 173

7 stacks of compressed cobblestone id : 1814

4 Chests full of Stone     id: 1

20 stacks of clay blocks id : 82

2 stacks of oak logs id : 17

4 stacks of spruce logs id : 17:1

32 enderium blocks id : 1129:12 I had 64 but i got half in my inventory, the plan was to split half with 0_hero_brain_0

a full smeltery 3x3x3 3 valves 2 for casting one for blocks + the tinkers set + all the golden frames to put molten metal in ( gold ingots are fine ) 

all the basic bees (farmed from hives) + combs 

24 Nether stars id: 399

2 stacks of xp bottles id : 384

2 stacks of thaumcraft gold coins

1 1/2 stacks of quards id: 4365

2 stacks of tin ingot id: 4883

2 stacks of silver ingot :  id 4113:6

3 stacks of copper ingot id : 4882

1 stack of lead ingot id: ? there are 4 i dont remember which one

1 Stack of steel ingots : again i dont know which one 

1 stack of electrum : 5146:71

32 peridots

32 rubies

32 sapphires

2 Forge hammer

2 stacks of bread ( any other usefull food source instead of bread is also fine.)

2 Quest books

1 carpenter

1 squeezer

1 thermionic fabricator id: 1169

2 survivalist generators id: 1838

1 coke oven 3x3 

17 blocks of a blast furnace

and a lot more that i do not know what it was. mostly from pams harvest and world gen blocks. 

if i could be bold, just like the other players who were involved, id like a jetpack to make my base again since i have to start over. again.


somewhere yesterday/11-5-2018 (rollback that removed the whole existance of my base)


Description of Issue: I had to move my base because the ground it was placed on was unclaimable, I had moved it 3 times before I was happy with my new nabourhood, I had just placed the claim and my chests and the start of my base. I had to leave since my friend was having a party. 14 hours later all was gone like it never happend. I have 3 or 4 people who have seen me do it.

Evidence (optional, but recommended): I have no proof other then my online time on the server the 2  guys i live close to the admin that i asked for help and my roommate who has been playing with me. also the current items in my inventory. (half a stack of enderium)


I Hope this can be sorted since your server is active and one of the only ones that never lagg.

thank you in advance!!!!!

Zexef a.k.a. Yulazz


  • "There's no feeling more intense than starting over" 
  • "If you deleted your homework the day before it was due, as I have." 
  • "Or if you left your wallet at home and you have to go back, after spending an hour in the commute" 
  • "If you won some money at the casino and then put all your winnings on red, and it came up black." 
  • "If you got your best shirt dry-cleaned before a wedding and then immediately dropped food on it" 
  • "If you won an argument with a friend and then later discovered that they just returned to their original view," 
  • "Starting over is harder than starting up" 
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Okay, we can't refund that as it's too long of a list and there is no proof to back it up- You will have ask for a rollback request of the area instead. I will have you also know that these refunds and rollbacks are meant to cover server mistakes and this was instead lost due to someone raiding your unprotected land which technically isn't against the rules.

[8] No Griefing Any Protected Territory:

  • 1st offense = 7 days ban.
  • 2nd offense = 14 days ban.
  • 3rd offense = 28 days ban.
  • 4th offense = 60 days ban.

So there is no certainty in anything, but what you could make a new town that covers the area you were moving to and where you lost your items. Then make a Rollback request and putting in the proper coords, the new town name and the time to rollback to. (Note that it's important that you claim the area first or the rollback won't work.)

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53 minutes ago, Henk said:

I will have you also know that these refunds and rollbacks are meant to cover server mistakes and this was instead lost due to someone raiding your unprotected land which technically isn't against the rules.

hello henk im a 100% positive the land was claimed when i left when my items were on the claim. the claim still exists to this day so finding the coords isnt hard. bahhh. also told me this was due to a server crash. 

I will have you also know that the whole terrain i made the base in is compleatly rerolled aswell the trees are back even tho i chopped them down the stone pillars i placed to get ontop of the treetops are also gone, my nabour mortolking had the same problem, I say again this isnt due to a greef or player removal.



I've made a rollback request.

Discord Yulazz#6972

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Zexef moved his base close to the base of mortolking and 0_HEROBRINE_0.

The area got rolled back 7/8 hours because I put up a rollback request of 1 chunk because of a bug that happend there.

A area of around 16 x 16 chunks got rolled back and the 3 of us (Zexef mortolking and 0_HEROBRINE_0) lost our progress and a lot of loot.

Take a look on discord on the technical_suport channel and look for the names Mel and Appeltaart, we had a chat with the owner and staff about the incident.

I hope this will help resolve the problem.

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