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The Chestshop plugin for the server would make an amazing addition I personally believe. It could bring towny to life as a way for people to open "shop plots", giving them the ability to sell items directly from their inventories, and giving ME a whole new reason to exist (supplying the shops). While /market create is a great feature, this could make it so that the player could auto supply and take away entirely the risk of getting kicked and having to reload all your chunks simply because you wanted to post one item at a time from a stack. 

As a side note it an entire city could also be opened specifically for shops. Allowing players to walk through and browse different building styles, checking out what each person has decided to sell and at what price. And give a more in depth look into how the economy looks and allow for more economical competition!

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Having the market is quite good as it allows you to send items to players through market mail. The market itself is decent however, it takes forever to get many items up due to the fact you can only do 1 stack at a time.

I think the chestshop plugin would be a good addition to the server. It will give players with end game bases something to work towards, I know first hand it can get boring when you've done almost everything. There's no need to build a market area for players to make their shops. Players could build their own shops.

I do understand the "problems" this could cause though. For example, player killing at the shops.

I think it should be considered and given a "trail run" to see how smoothly it goes. 

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