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[RefundRequest] (Complexish) PintsizedSix40

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Your Name: PintsizedSix40
Item Name + ID + Ammount: Ok, so this is a complex refund request. You need to run the command "/rftdim createtab 24215" to get the item that needs to be refunded. Just one is needed.
Coordinates: 1513 70 -494 (irrelevant to the issue)
Description of Issue: Ok, so I just bought the rftools world save, and right after I had placed an activity probe in my dimension, I was lucky enough to have broken the dimension builder, when there was a rollback. My builder is gone (I placed it after), with my tab in it, and while I can access my dimension, it's hard to build my reactor while my vision is bouncing and no entitys can move. It would be great if I could get the tab so that I can power it. The above command will give the tab. Thank you.
Screenshots (Optional): 

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