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Numerous issues all at once. DW 1.12.2


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I noticed one issue around 10:30 am EST, which lead to finding many more. There was a server restart shortly prior to this, though I didn't discover these problems soon enough to be sure it had any effect. I'll just list what I found.

Torches inside my mob farm, those were removed a couple days ago when I completed the farm.

The mob crushers for those farms had turned into obsidian.

Plant gatherer stopped sending out items.

Drawer controller wasn't allowing ME system to see anything in the storage drawers, nor was it interacting with its drawers such as clearing inventory or locking/unlocking. This happens frequently however normally I can pick and replace it. After I did that, ME got access again but still wouldn't control drawers. (This is likely the cause for the plant gatherer failure)

Igneous extruder wasn't accepting its water and lava.

Transfer pipe no longer supplying power to quantum quarry. I stopped using fluxduct of any kind because they would regularly not provide power to equipment. (EDIT: Quantum Quarry main block turned into obsidian too, that's why it wouldn't take power.)

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Im pretty sure blocks that turn into obsidian are the result of the blocks causing a lot of lag (tps drop). Drawer controller needing to be broken is a mod bug that we can't fix, its know for very long, its nothing new, just break it and place it back, it happens every time the chunk gets unloaded (server restart mainly). As you mentioned, that was the problem with the plant gatherer. I've personally never had any trouble in my quite long time playing with the igneous extruder not accepting fluids. And you answered your last thing about transfer pipes.

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Note that sometimes the chunkloaders can cause issues when they load your base when you join, try to remove them and place them in a different spot, if you need something refunded please make a list of items.

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