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  1. My spot loaders were gone a few days ago
  2. There is a lot of free space for new players. We dont just delete peoples bases because they didnt play a bit, only if they are preventing active players from expanding their claim and its a small base/claim (usually), or their base is causing tps issues.
  3. For your sake, please check where you are posting in the future, because we would have replied much much sooner to help you out if you had posted in the right place. I hope you fixed it already, but if you are still having problems with this, just do what i wrote here https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/28380-read-this-if-you-are-crashing-when-entering-the-server/
  4. I tried using mob fans a few months ago and they didnt work on mobs, just on me, so i switched to vectors/conveyor belts
  5. Since the modpack update, there was a problem with Industrial Foregoing, so brunyman updated the mod. That requires you to update the mod as well, so if you didn't, try that before making a post about crashing. [Download] All you have to do is go to where you installed the modpack, go to the mods folder, delete the old industrial foregoing, and put the one you downloaded from the link above in the folder. If something is unclear on how to replace the mod, feel free to reply with your question, but if you updated it successfully and you still crash, make a new post about it.
  6. Have you patched Industrial Foregoing? If you did not, there is a download link for the jar in the reply's for this post. Just replace your current jar for the mod in the mods folder with this one.
  7. Granted, but you forget everyone who you knew. I wish i never had to eat or drink again.
  8. Oh, trust me, it was very frustrating, not because of the stuff that got griefed, we would have gotten it back in a week or two, but the fact that it destroyed a great community
  9. Im pretty sure blocks that turn into obsidian are the result of the blocks causing a lot of lag (tps drop). Drawer controller needing to be broken is a mod bug that we can't fix, its know for very long, its nothing new, just break it and place it back, it happens every time the chunk gets unloaded (server restart mainly). As you mentioned, that was the problem with the plant gatherer. I've personally never had any trouble in my quite long time playing with the igneous extruder not accepting fluids. And you answered your last thing about transfer pipes.
  10. Name: Resonating Wand Mod: Astral Sorcery Id: #7429 (idk how to check id's on jei) Suggested Price: $100-$150 Reason for Suggestion: Its impossible to craft it. A bunch of players have tried and i myself have also tried to craft it in a few different astral sorcery temples. The wand would be pretty easy to craft as it requires only 2 aquamarine, 2 marble and an ender pear, but im guessinge because of a bug, its impossible to craft itl, so a price of $100, $150 would be fair. You can't do anything in the mod without the wand, and a lot of players have shown interest in wanting to do the mod, but they get stuck because they can't craft the Resonating wand. The Luminous Crafting Table is already in shop, my guess is since someone noticed that it can't be crated either, but they forgot to say that the Resonating Wand is crafted the same way, or someone forgot to add it to the shop.
  11. The tps issue with botania is still present, forget what i wrote before edit..
  12. Granted, but you lose the keys every time you want to drive it and can't find them. I wish mods didn't have bugs.
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