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 [Island Rollback Request] KingKazama

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The first one is ( hs_err_pid2560.log ? sometimes when I use the NEI mod or just open my inventory, chests and etc my game would freeze and eventually crash minecraft

The second one ( crash-2018-06-01_23.57.19-client.txt ) Every time I login to the server it crashes instantly so as of today I cant play on the server, I tried logging in several times now and the game just keeps crashing Please help me trouble shoot these problems i eagerly want to play skyfactory in a multiplayer server I dont want to be alone again :(

I seek immediate response Thank you! 



Your Name: KingKazama
Island Owner Name: KingKazama
Coordiantes: x:-16396 y:149 z:6201 
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): (6/1/2018) 5 pm Philippine time
Description of Issue: The main part/chunk of my island is corrupted which causes my game to auto exit
Screenshots (Optional): 

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I have jailed you for 1 second so you are teleported to spawn. You can try join now.

From reading your crash report i am not much smarter, but it could be corrupted chunk. One other thing I noticed is that you have allocated only 1.5G RAM for SkyFactory2. If you have only 4G RAM you should give minecraft something like 3G-3.25G, if you have more give it at least 4GRAM or more. It is most probably having trouble redering world with so low RAM available.

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ty Lancelot i owe you alot glad i got out of my island :), My game only crash when near my energy storage which is located at the very bottom of my island so going down there is not an option for me . Oh and also I increased the allocated RAM to 3.5 gb. 

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