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Sams Declassified Tekkit Survival Guide [1] In the Beginning


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Hey guys,

I feel I’m very experienced on tekkit now and I keep hearing certain questions that people struggle to find that come up often. So I decided over the next few months or weeks all post little segments of little tips and tricks of your guide to survival in our tekkit server, hope you all enjoy.

Spawning in.

  • Most newcomers don’t realize that we have a little trick called the live map. If your a player who likes to be alone, tune out the chat and do you own thing without people bugging, finding, or even killing you. The best way to go is /dynmap hide. This command hides you from a live updating map that tracks player movements With the Live Map. People also make computer craft programs to make for easier tracking.
  • Claiming
  • Here in the craftersland Tekkit server we use a cool little plugin called mytown. There are many great posts that go more into detail that I totally recommend checking out, but I’ll break down the simple stuff?. So first off you don’t need any items to claim land. But you do need to be far away from others claimed land in order to claim. @brunyman our generous owner starts you off with enough money to start claiming.(to check how much money you have do /bal). To create a town do the command /town new (town name). Then the chunk you are standing in is protected from all forms of greif?.
  • Staff and General Rules
  • the rules of the server that you need to remember that people often forget 
  • Non Claimed land is free to be griefed
  • dont insult staff
  • English in the global chat 
  • no acsessive excessive use of caps
  • no racism 
  • Teleporting to someone and killing them is Not allowed
  • pvp is allowed                               I hope you all learned and got something out of this. I’m sure I’ll make the next one very soon!
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