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[Complaint] Taylor_Savard


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In-Game Nickname: Taylor_Savard

Time and date: Around 2 days ago

Description of what happened: 

Taylor joined my town, and I believe on the same day they left.

During that time, I have proof that they stole some drums of fluid from my ME, my Minium Stone, and Tier 1 Rocket (with max storage)


I was flying around my town, and noticed (on their former plot) 5 drums of fluid. 1 Destabilized Redstone Drum, 2 Gelid Drums, and 2 Pyrotheum Drums.

These all looked really similar to fluids I had in my ME, so I checked, and I had lost around 1 drum of Pyrotheum, and I believe the second drum is an empty one that was already in my ME.

The 2 gelid drums, I can confirm, were also missing directly from my ME storage, not fluid storage.

And the kicker here, which proves that they were in-fact my drums, is the destabilized redstone drum. Somehow, when I was messing around, I managed to remove more fluid than possible from the drum using a Fluid Transposer. It got a value of -17.5 buckets. And yes, this was the drum I found there. And it *was* missing from my ME.

Later that day, I was trying to use my minium stone and rocket, and I found they were both missing. No one else in my town could've taken it, so I know for a fact it was Taylor.


I'd like to request a minium stone, and a Tier 1 Rocket with 54 storage space.

EDIT: I forgot to add they took my builder's wand. That should be all.


Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/a/1nUB4QT

List of eyewitnesses: None

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